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Determine Sign Model

Not sure what sign version you have? Use our guide below to reference your sign.

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TruColor Signs
Banner-Lite Signs
Marquee-Lite Signs

TruColor Signs

There are 3 TruColor sign models:
1) TruColorII, Version 5
2) TruColorII, Version 6
3) TruColorXP, Version 8 (also known as XP model)

Identifying sign from LABEL ON BACK OF SIGN
Locate a silver or white label on the back-side of the sign.
One of the lines will state Model Number:

PL-M20xxR = TruColorII, Version 5
PL-M20xxRV6 = TruColorII, Version 6
PL-XPM20xx = TruColorXP, Version 8

xx = designates sign length by characters per line, i.e. 14, 20, 30, etc.

Identifying sign from THE REMOTE KEYBOARD
Does the HAND-HELD REMOTE have an ESC button that is located on the bottom left hand corner of the remote?
If so, you have Version 5.

Does the HAND-HELD REMOTE have a RUN/STOP button?
It is located next to the ON/OFF button on the top left hand corner of the remote.
If so, you have either Version 6 or Version 8

The Version 6.0 and Version 8.0 models have identical remotes.

Identifying sign from POWERING UP
Remove the power to the sign. Now power up the sign.
Pay close attention to the STARTUP messages.
ONLY the Version 5…
will say Pro-Lite towards the beginning of the DEMO message.
ONLY the Version 6…
will say Version: 6.53 on power-up.
ONLY the Version XP…
will say Tru-Color XP on power-up.

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Banner-Lite Signs

There are 3 versions of the Banner-Lite sign:
1) Banner-Lite, Version 1
2) Banner-Lite, Version 2
3) Banner-Lite, Version 3

The remote will designate which version Banner-Lite you have.

Banner-Lite Remote V1 Banner-Lite Remote V2 Banner-Lite Remote V3 Banner-Lite Remote V3.1
Version 1 Version 2 Version 3 Version 3.1

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Marquee-Lite Signs

There are 2 versions of the Marquee-Lite sign that are programmed by hand-held remote:
1) 3225,4225, 4025 (up to 2 lines of text)
2) 48963 (up to 4 lines of text)

Identify by lines of text
Simply determine if your sign can display up to 2 lines of text or up to 4 lines of text. This should leave you with one remaining model number.
NOTE: The programming instructions are the same for the category consisting of 3225, 4225, 4025.

Visual appearance
The model 48963 is double the size in height.

Marquee-Lite 3225, 4225, 4025 Marquee-Lite 48963
3225, 4225, 4025 48963

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