Own a gas station? Is time being lost changing plastic price pieces on your current sign? Than we’d like to introduce you to DIGI-BRITE™! Change prices instantly and wirelessly! With these ever changing gas prices, more and more stations are changing their current signs to DIGI-BRITE™ systems. No more updating plastic price changer pieces. Easily update the gas pricer with wireless technology.

PRO-LITE GAS PRICERS get you more visibility and enhance the look of your gas station!

Product Features

  • Available In 8 Standard Digit Sizes.
  • SmartSign with Virtual Intelligence*
  • Smart Rail System For Easy Install.
  • Thin, Lite-Weight Profile For Easy Handling.
  • Uncompromised Daylight Visibility with Toyota LED.
  • Easy Retrofit Kit
  • Landmark 23 Segment Digit Font.
  • 40 Degree Vertical Viewing Angle.
  • 100 Degree Horizontal Viewing Angle.
  • Automatic Brightness Control
  • Conformal Coating Throughout PCB
  • Self-Locking Water Resistant Connectors.
  • Operation Rating Of -40F ~ 170F
  • UL Listed (Complete Sign)

Remote Control Features

  • Built-In LCD RF Intelligent Controller.
  • Active Brightness Adjustment.
  • POS Compatible*
  • Built-in LCD Screen with On Screen Instructions.
  • Controls up to 32 Price Changers.
  • 10 Day Price History.
  • Anti-Abuse Passcode.
  • Administrator & Price Change Operator Passwords
  • Adaptor powered or “AA” Battery powered
  • Large Keyboard Buttons
  • Price Update Confirmation

*Virtual Intelligence or VI is an intelligence that is built-in the sign to protect the sign from damaging itself by hazardous situations such as overheating and humidity. The built-in VI will also tell you if there is a problem with the LED before you know there is a problem.

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