Make your logo stand out with a classic neon look.

Get the traditional look of neon signs using durable, environmentally-friendly LED technology.


Safe, Durable, and Environmentally Friendly Solutions for the Future

Neon Look LED Signs deliver the traditional look of neon using durable, environmentally-friendly LED technology.

Everyone loves the look of neon signs, but factors such as power usage, durability and safety make them challenging in large quantities and across hundreds of locations. Our Neon Look LED Signs duplicate the neon look with the energy efficiency of LED.

Pro-Lite Neon Look Signs have many advantages over traditional neon. From a visual standpoint, you get same high-brightness factor as neon along with additional features to grab attention. This includes animated movements such as flashing, fading, chasing and color changing. Built with low-voltage LED, our Neon Look Signs are not only safer than traditional neon, but also use significantly less power and last up to 10 times longer, saving you more in the long run.


  • Any design and color combination
  • Classic skeletal style, looks exactly like a glass neon tube sign
  • Made from Pro-Lite Ultrabright 3000MCD LED, visible from 1000+ feet
  • Programmable animations include flashing,fading and chasing
  • Low-voltage 12V DC 20-watt adapter
  • Life span of 100,000 hours, 10x the life of neon
  • Durable materials make transportation and handling much easier. Won’t break even if dropped!
  • Lightweight LED lights and plastic framing means less packing materials forshipping and reduced freight costs
  • Environmentally friendly and recyclable
  • Mounting bracket included. Light weight also allows for more locations to display

The Future of LED is Bright.

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