Make your brand stand out.

Lottery brand logo signs in the window quickly identify retail locations that sell lottery tickets. With a small footprint, these bright signs become a beacon in any retail setting. Set it up as a pole, easel-stand or wall mounted, near a terminal, check out or play station.

18” Round Edge-Lit/Back-Lit Hybrid Logo Sign

  • Specially designed vents on top and bottom, permits air flow to keep the inside area cool
  • LED backlit
  • Screen printing, Pop thru 3D images Animations
  • 18” or 24” diameter
  • 3-year warranty
  • Optional animation effects available
Single Jackpot Realtime Counter

Double Sided Round Logo Edge-Lit Sign

  • Low profile
  • 0.5” ultra-thin
  • Double-sided
  • Edge-lit LED
  • Screen printing or pop-thru
  • Up to 36” diameter
  • Optional animation effects available

18” Round Logo – Raised Lettering

  • LED back-lit and edge-lit
  • Raised letters for 3D effect
  • Optional animation effects available
    • Animated letters
    • Blue ring in static or flashing
  • 1-year warranty

Rectangle Vacuum Formed – Pop through Letters

  • LED back-lit
  • Low profile – 6.4” x 30” x <2”
  • Optional animation effects available
  • Illuminated pop-thru letters and flashing “PLAY HERE”
  • 1-year warranty

Make your lottery stand out.

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