Promote ticket sales with ultra-bright, ultra-effective marketing.

Outdoor jackpot lottery signs call attract new buyers. Bright led signs mounted on your gas pumps and outdoor signage will call attract lottery buyers and increase overall ticket sales for your retailers.

Promote lottery ticket sales on gas pumps, billboards and other outdoor settings. Pro-Lite’s durable outdoor lottery signage components are wirelessly updated and ultra-bright for sunlight viewing. The signs have auto-dimming for night-time applications.

  • Promoting general brand awareness, not necessarily at retail locations only
  • Billboard applications, gas pump kiosk, gas pump top (with exp. Proof enclosure)
  • Weather resistant enclosure, vented with temperature control
  • Ultra-bright LEDs for sunlight viewing
  • Auto-dimming for night time applications
  • Wireless updating

Increase your lottery’s exposure.

Find out how Pro-Lite’s outdoor LED jackpot solutions can benefit your lottery.