Breweries large and small use LED signage not only in brew houses but to leverage their brands at retail. Bright, eye-catching LED brew signs grab attention and increase visibility for your brand.

New LED technology makes it possible for even smaller brands to utilize various types of LED signage for marketing and sales purposes. LED signs can be simple square, round or rectangular shapes — or something custom that matches the shape of your logo.

Traditionally you see a lot of neon with brewery signs. While we still make neon for brands and lottery, many of our customers are now using our more durable LED NueonTM sign. NueonTM matches the look of neon but runs on lower power, lasts longer and is more cost effective.

Use our in-house design team to create some new designs for you. Contact Pro-Lite for:

  • Backlit LED signs
  • Traditional neon signs
  • Pro-Lite NueonTM signs that match the look and feel of real neon
  • Branded restaurant menu boards

Signs can be produced in lower quantities. Contact us to discuss your ideas.

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