Neon simply stands out. There is no denying the classic neon look continues to give brands a unique way to display a logo and message. The neon sign has changed very little since Peter Nutting displayed the first one at the 1904 Louisiana Purchase Exposition. Why change a good thing right? 

As more brands today are looking at ways to put neon’s classic look to good use across hundreds of locations, the production, power requirements and logistics of traditional neon become more difficult. 

Nueon, by Pro-Lite is a new alternative that delivers the traditional look and even sound of neon, but using the latest LED technology. 

“We developed the Nueon technology to make it easier and to duplicate the neon look at scale,” says Pro-Lite president Andy Kaoh. “Using our LED technology, we can deliver a bright, environmentally safe, and cost-effective alternative.”

Nueon has many advantages over traditional neon. From a visual standpoint, you get same high-brightness factor as neon along with additional features to grab attention. This includes animated movements such as flashing, fading, chasing and color changing. 

The non-visible features is where Nueon really shines. Made from environmentally-friendly, low-voltage LED, Nueon is not only safer than traditional neon, it uses significantly less power and lasts 10 times longer. 

“We are excited to deploy Pro-Lite’s environmentally safe alternative to Neon signs this year,” says Raynie Hosto, deputy director of customer service and sales at the Arizona Lottery. “Being able to replicate the look of a traditional Neon sign combined with the benefits of increased durability, longevity, and a smaller carbon footprint made the LED solution the clear choice.”

Logistics can be a challenge with traditional neon. Shipping and handling can cause breakage and shipping hundreds of signs around the world, the breakage costs can add up quickly. Nueon is made of light-weight, durable plastic and won’t break, even if you drop it. It can be shipped in a  smaller box and requires less packing material, saving on shipping costs. 

Overall, for brands that want the attention-grabbing look of neon, with the safety, environmental and logistical benefits of LED, Nueon is worth considering. Visit for more information on Nueon signage.