Designed with your safety in mind.

Unlike other devices, ReACT! was designed for no other purpose except to save lives.


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ReACT! aims to deliver life-saving information and awareness in time-sensitive emergency situations. With its various attention-grabbing features, ReACT! ensures that no one is left behind.

  • Send alerts quickly with pre-programmed messages
  • Ensure accurate information with location-specific power messaging
  • Keep signs running through power failures with emergency battery backup
  • Spread awareness with attention-grabbing strobe lights and audio
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React! 911

Patented Life-Saving Technology

ReACT! employs a triple notification system that utilizes strobe lights, visual messages, and sound alerts to ensure fast, easy, and effective communication. Coupled with our Act-One controller, messages can be delivered immediately withe the push of a button.

Unambiguous Emergency Notifications

ReACT! was designed for the sole purpose of saving lives, providing critical information and safety instructions during emergency situations. When not in an active emergency situation, ReACT! simply displays the current time/date.

Attention-Grabbing Strobe Lights & Audio

During an emergency, every second counts. With Pro-Lite, Inc.’s combined strobe message and dual speaker technology, ReACT! draws attention quickly and efficiently, alerting those nearby of the situation.

No Cell Tower Jams or Weak Signals

With traditional emergency alerts, thousands of text messages are sent through the cellular network, which is subject to network congestion and weak signal caused by weather issues, causing message delays of up to 20 minutes. With ReACT!, messages are delivered within seconds, providing the public with near instant access to life-saving information.

Power Messaging

Directions to safety differ according to location. With Power Messaging, specific instructions can be sent immediately to any individual sign or group of signs.

Emergency Backup Battery

ReACT!’s built-in backup battery ensures that the public can access life-saving information even during a power outage. ReACT! signs will stay powered for an additional 60-90 minutes following a power failure, and can further communicate with other RS232 Com Port devices during this time.

Pre-Programmed Messages

52 default memory banks for pre-programmed Emergency Alerts allow messages to be activated and sent with the touch of a button. Individual locations can be programmed to receive unique instructions in each emergency situation, guaranteeing fast delivery of critical information.