When it comes to safety, a few seconds of clarity makes all the difference.

Pro-Lite cutting-edge emergency notification technologies help schools and communities respond quickly when seconds count. When emergency situations arise, the ReACT! Emergency Alert System ensures that everyone has equal access to critical, life-saving information.

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Every Second Counts

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Emergency situations often occur without warning, climaxing within minutes. During an emergency event, every second counts, and information is critical. “What happened?” and “What should I do?” are questions that should never be left unanswered. Until now, methods of communication such information have been unreliable at best. That’s where ReACT! comes in. At Pro-Lite, Inc., we believe every member of every community deserves equal access to safety. That’s why we developed ReACT!, a Primary Notification System that built specifically to save lives by delivering immediate, actionable, site-specific intelligence during emergency situations. Our goal is to supply an efficient, reliable instructional system for the public, priming every community with emergency preparedness so that when disaster strikes, no one is left behind.

Unlike other devices, ReACT! was designed for no other purpose except to save lives.

  • Send alerts quickly with pre-programmed messages
  • Ensure accurate information with location-specific power messaging
  • Keep signs running through power failures with emergency battery backup
  • Spread awareness with attention-grabbing strobe lights and audio

Patented Life Saving Technology

ReACT! employs a triple notification system that utilizes strobe lights, visual messages, and sound alerts to ensure fast, easy, and effective communication.

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Stay in the Know

The ReACT! Act-One controller helps you save time when it matters by delivering important messages with the push of a button.

  • Activate lockdowns
  • Power off lights
  • One-push notifications

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Be prepared for any situation.

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