Pro-Lite, Inc. is recognized as a worldwide leader in LED illuminated signage and electronic scrolling messaging products due to its technological innovation, continual design advances and high-quality manufacturing.

Pro-Lite, Inc. introduced LED technology to the United States in 1981 and has since won numerous notable industry design patents. Some reasons why our customers have chosen Pro-Lite for their LED display and lighting projects:

In-House Design & Engineering

Pro-Lite can design almost any product from just an idea or concept. Starting from scratch, we are confident in our ability to bring any idea to life. Pro-Lite’s team of professional engineers help to develop, test, and troubleshoot hardware and software needed to bring designs to life.

In-House LED Sign & Lighting Manufacturing

At Pro-Lite, we oversee manufacturing from prototyping and samples to mass production, transforming ideas and concepts into reality and ensuring only the highest quality along the way.

Global Distribution

Headquartered in Costa Mesa, California, Pro-Lite’s Logistics and Supply Chain team provides end to end distribution to locations both within the US and internationally.

35+ Years of Experience with LED Technology

Pro-Lite’s widespread success has been based on a formula of using the best components from the world’s top suppliers as well as designing and manufacturing its products within select facilities in Taiwan, China and the USA in order to deliver optimal products at the most competitive price point. This formula has guaranteed Pro-Lite’s success for more than 32 years and has continuously been the supplier of LED products sold in Costco, Wal-Mart and other national chains.

1 Million+ Clients Worldwide

Pro-Lite serves more than a million customers and users worldwide in industries such as: airlines, big box retail, food and beverages, petroleum, Point of Purchase, transportation and traffic control. Pro-Lite has also worked extensively with financial institutions, schools and government agencies, such as the United States Air Force, Navy and the United States Postal Service.

50+ LED Lighting and LED Signage Product Innovations

Pro-Lite delivers bright ideas to set the gold standard in LED innovation; Mr. Andy Kaoh, founder/CEO of Pro-Lite, holds over 50 U.S. patents.


Established Pro-Lite – Established Advanced Products, later renamed Pro-Lite, Inc. Introduced indoor, red, countertop LED display with wired keyboard. Introduced first 32″ indoor red LED sign.

Introduced Bi-Color (Red/Green per pixel) 3-color LED sign

Introduced full matrix multi-color graphic animation sign

Introduced TruColor 16-Color, Multicolored sign and outdoor Ultra-brite LED sign.

Introduced Super bright outdoor Red LED sign.

Introduced first LED Lottery sign and introduced wireless communication technology.

Introduced first wireless Jackpot sign.

Invented neon-look LED sign.

Invented L3D neon-look LED sign.

Awarded Contract for largest US jackpot sign program by the New York Lottery.

Supplied 10,000+ signs in New York Lottery’s LED sign program.

Introduced MatTronic™ countertop and floor mat updatable jackpot signs. Introduced Modulex℠a modular, updatable jackpot sign system.