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Pro-Lites Solar LED Tiles use a patented technology in its design, construction, and Ultracapacitor energy storage device which make them virtually maintenance free for more than 10 years! These self-contained light emitting modular devices are perfectly designed for decorative lighting and traffic applications. They charge during the day by the Suns free solar energy and illuminate beautifully at nighttime!



Residential & Commercial
Patios, Driveways, Walkways, Stairways, Landscapes, Plazas, Shopping Malls, and much more.
Traffic & Public Access
Roadways, Highways, Airports, Crosswalks, Sidewalks, Parking Lots, and much more.

The Ultracapacitor
Most solar lighting products utilize rechargeable batteries that result in repeated replacement of batteries every 2-3 years and narrow working temperature ranges. Pro-Lites revolutionary energy storage device, The Ultracapacitor, along wIth its wide operating range (-40C - 70C), enables the Solar LED Tiles to be used in any environment for more than 10 years!

Rapid Recharge Time
Under direct sunlight, the Suns free solar energy will charge The Ultracapacitor in about 1 hour! Under lower lighting conditions it will charge in about 2 - 8 hours. Once fully charged, the Solar LED Tiles will illuminate for up to 12 hours! No ON/OFF switch required. It is sensitive to ambient light and will only turn ON at dusk and nighttime.

All-Weather and Durability
Solar LED Tiles are completely water-proof, UV protected, and scratch resistant. The high-end Poly-Carbonate construction gives the tiles high compression strength for everyday vehicles to drive over them without damage. Expansion lugs located on each of the tiles side surface have been integrated into the design to prevent direct contact with adjacent bricks and to protect the tiles from expansion and shrinkage caused by temperature changes. These characteristics allow the Solar LED Tiles to tolerate and operate efficiently in even the most extreme environments.

Maintenance Free
Solar LED Tiles have "Solid-State Lighting" technology that achieve the best performance for decorative and traffic lighting with the least amount of installation efforts and costs. The major components are solar cells, LED, and The Ultracapacitor. When you add all these items up you get an efficient lighting system with the following benefits:

● No Maintenance - more than 10 year life span
● Save Energy - solar powered
● Efficient Light Output - <20% degradation over lifetime
● Intrinsically Safe - low voltage
● Flexible Light Fixtures - useful for lighting tight spaces
● Durable - high-end Poly-Corbonate construction.

Square Brick Tile
ST-O808C: 8x8 Orange
ST-G808C: 8x8 Green
ST-B808C: 8x8 Blue
ST-W808C: 8x8 White
ST-A808C: 8x8 Amber
ST-R808C: 8x8 Red

Rectangular Brick Tile
ST-O408C: 4x8 Orange
ST-G408C: 4x8 Green
ST-B408C: 4x8 Blue
ST-W408C: 4x8 White
ST-A408C: 4x8 Amber
ST-R408C: 4x8 Red

Compact Ground Flasher
GF-G: 1.97x1.18 Green
GF-B: 1.97x1.18 Blue
GF-W: 1.97x1.18 White
GF-A: 1.97x1.18 Amber
GF-R: 1.97x1.18 Red
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Pro-Lite sOLAR LIGHTING are Ideal for
Any outdoor environment where brilliant lighting, long life, and low cost applications are necessary.



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